We build purpose-driven experiences with technology at our core.

From research to implementation, trust us to build software that will bring a smile to you and your customers' faces.

Best-in-class software design and engineering for ambitious brands
Ecommerce Development
We give you the confidence to focus solely on selling your products.
PWA Illustration
Daffodil: The next great leap in ecommerce.

Daffodil is a frontend framework for ecommerce PWAs. It provides everything you need to create powerful and flexible ecommerce experiences.

With Daffodil, ambitious businesses are able to achieve more while minimizing development and maintenance costs.

Magento 1: It's past its prime.

The end of life date for Magento 1 is here. Your store will be vulnerable to security breaches and hacks if it remains on Magento 1 after its end of life.

Are you ready to move forward?

Magento 2: Full-control ecommerce.

Transitioning from Magento 1 to Magento 2. For customers who need full control of their store.

We customize existing stores and build new stores.

Shopify: Build your business.

Build and maintan Shopify stores. We integrate ERPs with Shopify. Build PWAs on Shopify.

Our team can help your seamless transition between Magento and Shopify with minimal down-time.

Design to Simplify
UI/UX Design
We create beautiful and intuitive digital experiences that improve functionality and evolve with time.
Design Systems: A global brand approach.

Invest in designs systems to rapidly build beautiful and accessible experiences while keeping your products synchronized.

We build design systems that establish brand awareness through an authentic and memorable visual language. Elevate your brand with our native design system, &daffodil/design, or let us build you your own.

Accessible & Inclusive: Designing responsibly.

Accessibility and inclusivity is at the core of every design decision we make. We are striving to make enojyable ecommerce experiences for all people — regardless of an individual’s visual, auditory, motor, or cognitive disabilities.

Not sure if your products pass a11y standards? Let us help you improve your services for all people.

Servers and Systems for Scaling Businesses
Infrastructure Development
Reduce costs, lower maintenance overhead, and achieve at least 99.9% uptime on your projects..

Downtime is expensive for you and aggravating to customers.

Graycore’s infrastructure team works vigorously to ensure that you can maintain at least 99.9% uptime.


Your custom infrastructure doesn’t have to be expensive to maintain.

Our engineers work with you to spend less time deploying new code, handling and preventing emergencies, and upgrading existing software.

Dedicated Team

An infrastructure team that your developers will love.

Keep your developers out of the disaster room so that they can focus on adding features for your customers faster.

Application Performance

Your customers hate slow servers and so should you.

Under-performing infrastructure can be hard to spot.

Emergency Infrastructure

Chaos happens, but you don’t have to suffer for it.

We provide emergency services for all applications that we have worked on. When something goes sideways, you can trust us to be available to help.

Reduce Costs

Every business is different, and a one-size-fits-all infrastructure only accommodates the average.

We take advantage of autoscaling, self-healing, and high-availability infrastructure to make sure that your business keeps going.

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