We are Graycore

A small, ambitious team of multidisciplinary experts specializing in software development and design.

We partner with forward-thinking companies, big and small, to create functional and beautiful products.

Years in Business
Multidisciplinary Experts
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Our Story

Graycore was founded as a reaction to the disorganized development, poor developer experience, subpar customer experience, and wildly expensive costs that he saw in the ecommerce software industry.

To combat the chaos that we saw in the industry, Graycore is guided by three core principles: communication , quality, and ease-of-use.


The entire team at Graycore prides ourselves on our ability to communicate complex technical information to our clients. We utilize daily touchpoints, frequent prototype reviews, and team demonstrations ("Demo Days") to keep our clients informed about where their projects stand.

We intentionally create tight streams of communication to turn frustrations into resolutions, anger into joy, and expensive and error-prone projects into low-cost and accurate solutions.


Graycore distinguishes itself in its dedication to technical excellence. Automated quality assurance, correctness, and reliability are our life-blood.

For our code, we unit test, integration test, acceptance test, and peer review code on every project, every time.

For our systems, we build reliability, resiliency, and security into every project we have the opportunity to work on.

To guarantee this to our clients and ensure that every Graycore developer maintains this level of excellence, every developer at Graycore is required to agree to the Programmer's Oath before receiving access to any codebase.


Making software is hard, using software should not be.

Meet the Team
Photo of Damien Retzinger, CEO/Lead Engineer
Damien Retzinger
CEO/Lead Engineer
Photo of Elain Tsai, Lead Product Designer
Elain Tsai
Lead Product Designer
Photo of Peter Lauck, Software Engineer
Peter Lauck
Software Engineer
Photo of Parth Sindhu, Software Engineer
Parth Sindhu
Software Engineer
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